Our Story

a locally owned, friendly neighborhood cafe, pub, and bakery

The concept of Augustine’s Bar and Bakery was born after the new owner of an old laundromat had a question for a friend; “Do you want to open another restaurant in my building?” The friend, owner of the Happy Gnome, replied with something like; “What, are you crazy?” But that simple question soon became an intriguing possibility, and, eventually, a reality.

Augustine’s Bar and Bakery has adopted elements of the Gnome’s renowned beer program and skilled kitchen and turned them into something uniquely its own. Named after St. Augustine of Hippo, a patron saint of Brewers, Augustine’s features 20 craft beers on tap with many Minnesota breweries proudly represented. The menu, as well as the decor, is inspired by St. Augustine’s Mediterranean homeland (Hippo is an ancient town in what is now Algeria). After more than a year in the making and with the contributions of many talented people, Augustine’s is appreciative and ready to be a part of St. Paul’s Union Park neighborhood. We hope you enjoy what we’ve done with the old laundromat.